Meet Waku! A new plant-based Boston beverage startup with Ecuadorian roots.

Waku plant-based tonics are made with a blend of 20 herbs and flowers, packed with medicinal benefits to support digestive health. 

In 2017, Juan Giraldo and Nico Estrella decided to create Waku Inc. to share the tonics they grew up drinking, known in Ecuador as “horchata lojana”, and because they wanted to improve the livelihoods of Ecuadorian Farmers by cutting the middleman, and paying fair prices.


Waku has successfully transitioned to an e-commerce model and now offers their customers to subscribe for monthly Waku packages at discounted rates!

You now have the chance to try their delicious, gut-healthy tonics before committing to a subscription plan. Get your first 6-bottle variety pack for just the cost of shipping ($4.99!)

Gut health has never tasted so good! 

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