Members of the VeganZine team got some packages delivered from NoPigNeva, the newest online vegan grocery store that also happens to be local to Massachusetts.

NoPigNeva delivers the hard to find vegan specialty items and other food staples. They have 2 membership options that come with exclusive discounts, product updates, and bonus items. 

What Erica says:

As someone who loves vegan meats & chick’n, I was thrilled to see that NoPigNeva offers so many delicious, unique finds. From breakfast sausages, to vegan seafood, to cheese blocks, deli slices, and more, NoPigNeva offers a wide variety of those classic foods that gets people really excited to cook with. I tried some white chocolate, a frozen pizza, vegan corned beef, and more! I have seen other businesses and websites out there that also provide these items, but this is the first online grocery store to offer this locally. It’s a very exciting time, and only proves that veganism has become so accessible in this area.

Stephania, the founder of NoPigNeva, is extremely kind and determined to make an impact on our community and throughout the country. My delivery experience was extremely positive and the team is so friendly. They also have specific memberships you can check out – perfect for frequent shoppers! 

What Elisabeth says:

Firstly I want to thank Erica and Kayla for surprising me with the thoughtful package delivered from NoPigNeva! After getting my wisdom teeth out some new vegan treats were a great pick-me-up, but I mean- aren’t they always?

I had heard about NoPigNeva a few months back and couldn’t wait to try them out. The concept itself, an online vegan grocery store, was something I could’ve only dreamed of a few years ago. Thank you Stephania for making it a reality! 

My first impression after receiving the package was that Stephania and her partner were extremely kind and made the experience of receiving their service all the more enjoyable. Since NoPigNeva is Boston based I was not expecting them to deliver it to me themselves (I live in a suburb outside of Worcester currently)- It was quite a nice touch, and also so nice to see a (presumably smiling, because, you know… masks) face. 

With that said, here’s the list of items I received and what I thought of them:

*Disclaimer: I am the least picky person when it comes to food, doesn’t take much to make us taurus’ happy*

Myrtle Greens, Spicy Sriracha Vegan Jerky:

Stephania told me this was her favorite product so naturally I had to try it first. It did not disappoint at all, actually, it’s definitely the best vegan jerky I’ve ever had!

These jerky pieces are packed with flavor and definitely on the sweeter side, I got some hints of pineapple which I loved. I’m a big fan of spicy food so the sriracha definitely added a nice little kick that you don’t quite notice until afterwards. As for texture? I think Myrtle Greens killed it, they’re definitely chewy like jerky is supposed to be yet not so chewy that it’s annoying to eat. 

This is definitely a product I would buy again.

Pipcorn, Crunchy and Mini Heirloom Popcorn, Caramel Flavored:

I found this to be such a nice snack for when I’m sitting at my desk and doing homework, my only problem has been not eating the whole bag in one sitting!

I’m definitely more of a savory girl myself but I do enjoy sweet stuff like caramel every once in a while, yet the subtle saltiness of this popcorn satisfies both cravings. If you like kettle corn I’m sure you’d like this flavor.

The smaller size popcorn kernels were definitely not designed for people who just got their wisdom teeth out, but I definitely can’t wait to eat another bag of this without much thought.

Montreal Chickun:

So. Good. I regret not taking pictures of this product before trying it just because I think it deserves that spotlight. But to be fair I froze half of it because I thought it would work well for Thanksgiving.

I was definitely surprised by the realistic looking deli cut of the chickun, I’m so used to those Tofurky deli slices that are a little too perfect sometimes. I found the texture to be just right and the flavor is really just a blend of all the spices I put in all my food anyways (garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast, turmeric, salt, pepper, parsley, paprika… all that jazz). I think the added mushroom extract, orange peel, and green bell pepper flavors really did it in for me.

Would definitely get this product again.

Wendy’s Nutty Cheeses, Almond Cheddar:

I had high hopes for this cheese but it unfortunately really didn’t do it for me. I found the texture to be a little too soft, and I’m just generally not a fan of almond flavored anything. But hey- that’s just me! I would still totally try another flavor from this brand- I think their roasted garlic or spicy cheddar would be right up my alley.

Anyways, catch me still spreading this on toast. Like I said, I’m not picky, it just wasn’t my favorite.


Nummy Nibbles, Malabar Indian Cooking Sauce:

Now this sauce? This sauce really did it for me. I LOVE Indian food, yet I always just buy takeout and never really think to incorporate the spices into my own home cooked meals. 

The jar itself reads, “The Malabar represents the flavors of Kerala- Coconut, Black Pepper and warm spices. A little hot, a little spicy, a little tangy… it has everything you need to add flavor to any meal.” I couldn’t agree more! 

Recently I’ve just been adding this sauce to some scrambled tofu and veggies and throwing some curry powder in there too. It really hits the spot if you’re into these types of flavors. 

Will definitely be buying again. 

Please consider checking out NoPigNeva if you haven’t already! Like Erica said above they have all those unique vegan finds and a wide variety of options to choose from- plus their service is, from our perspective, extra positive. 

Vegan businesses need all the love they can get as we continue on in such uncertain times. If you aren’t in a place to support them financially give them a follow and some likes on Instagram to show your support and be sure to recommend them to your network.

Stay safe and healthy!