By Elisabeth Morgan 


Hot Pastrami Melt from The Vegan Nest

The Vegan Nest

The Vegan Nest is located on 6 Waldo St., Worcester, MA. This family owned cafe is not only plant-based but, “is committed to celebrating a healthy, natural, holistic and compassionate lifestyle,” according to their website. They have both a brunch and daily menu, complete with everything from pancakes, French crepes, and garden vegetable tofu bowls, to mac and cheese, hot pastrami melts, and nourish bowls. Don’t worry, they also have the best smoothie combinations I’ve ever heard of! I tried the peach cobbler smoothie the other day and it was amazing, and I can’t wait to try the cinnamon toast crunch smoothie next. 

The atmosphere of this quaint, rustic cafe is warm and inviting, and the owners are nothing but kind. Though, due to COVID-19, sit down dining is no longer available, take-out is still operating during their normal hours and they also deliver within a 20-mile radius of the cafe!

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Belmont Vegetarian 

Belmont Vegetarian is located on 157 Belmont St., Worcester, MA. Despite having vegetarian in their name, this restaurant is all vegan! They do things a bit differently than your average restaurant, fresh menus are made every day and you can order a medium or large plate, though you can omit certain items and ask for extra of others. Their website says, “Our menu keeps you guessing, But any day you can enjoy a savory soulful Belmont twist on Jamaican and American inspired dishes and get plenty for your dollar.”

Right up the street from UMass Memorial, this small restaurant is sure to make anyone feel right at home. With plenty of vegan posters to read up on the walls, and friendly workers to swap stories with, you’ll surely leave with a smile on your face and maybe some new knowledge! 

Do to COVID-19, Belmont Vegetarian is not doing sit down eating for a while, but they do offer takeout until 8 p.m. the days they are open, and delivery until 7 p.m. 

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The Loving Hut
The Loving Hut, Hamilton St. Website
The Loving Hut, Chandler St. Website

Most vegans have undoubtedly heard of the Loving Hut, they’ve certainly become a staple in the vegan community and are known for their amazing food, though all owned and operated differently. Worcester is lucky to have two and they are located on 415 Chandler St. and 56 Hamilton St.! 

The Chandler St. Loving Hut certainly has much more to choose from in terms of menu size, they’re also a bigger restaurant. The Hamilton St. Loving Hut happens to be my favorite because they are closest to my house and talking with the staff is one of my favorite parts about going there; they’re incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about veganism. Either or, they both have wonderful food and never fail to disappoint! I’ll always be grateful that someone found a way to make vegan rangoons, they’re seriously the best.

Due to COVID-19 the Loving Hut on Hamilton St. has closed sit-down dining. They are now doing curbside pickup only, accepting cards only over the phone and cash in person. 

The Chandler St. Loving Hut has also closed sit-down dining but has both delivery and pick up!
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