UPrise Food’s NOOCH IT!

Erica’s Review:

Taste  – It was love for me at first Nooch. Uprise Foods’ NOOCH IT! cashew-grated cheese is just phenomenal. It’s salty, cheesy, nutty and absolutely perfect on top of pasta, pizza, popcorn, avocado toast, and just about anything else you can think of. It adds that perfect kick to any meal — I always have to order about 4 or 5 bottles at a time because I go through them so quickly!

 Gramability – NOOCH IT! can certainly add some texture to not just your meals, but your photos, too! Sharing Italian recipes and other dishes with this cheese on top will surely make for a great Instagram photo. Of course, the lighting and angles will depend on your situation, but with the right light, you can document this quite well.

Kayla’s Review:

Taste – A great, shelf-stable cheese topping. Nooch It is a great way to kick up a foods a notch. I put it on cold dishes, like salad or avocado toast, and warm ones like pasta or garlic bread. Allergy alert that it is cashew based. 

 Gramability – Love the texture that Nooch It adds to a dish! You do have to pair it with contrasting colors, green has worked the best for me, in order to make the cheese stand out. The bottles and packaging are cute and definitely make for some cheese shaking boomerangs. 

Forkability Total: 3.5