Saus at Bow Market

Kayla’s Review:

Taste – My idea of “American” comfort food that is all vegetarian and super vegan-friendly. They have a unique spin on burgers, hot dogs, bowls, fries, and salads; love the kimchi topping on poutine! The sauce options do their name justice and accommodate for a wide range of tastes, my favorite is the garlic chickpea mayo. My advice for the fries is to request that they are cooked extra crispy, but this is personal preference and something I do at every restaurant. 

 Gramability – Bow Market in general is a photogenic setting perfect for taking food pics, just do it quickly so your food stays hot! Saus has some really fun, patterned tile that makes for a great background when the lighting is right. There are a lot of windows for natural light and when the weather is nice you can take photos outside, which I find is a plus. Good to note that all those sauces can make for messy food so embrace that when you’re styling a shot. This is not the place for a flat lay photo but you can capture some serious fry action!

 Atmosphere –  Saus is definitely a fast casual place but it fits with the scene at Bow Market, great for a quick meal or a drink and some fries but seating is limited. You order at the register and there are communal condiments and self-serve water. The vibes are fun and I’ve always had a good experience with the staff. I’ve never dined here with a party larger than 4 people but I imagine if your larger group is organized that you can make it work.

Erica’s Review:

TasteTheir BBQ Impossible Burger is one of the best burgers I’ve had, with its melty Daiya cheddar cheese, pickles, BBQ sauce, slaw, and fried shallots. Their Thai Style Beyond Meat sausage is also great — they really know how to dress up their meals. They do a fantastic job adding their own spices and sauces to the plant-based meats we all know and love. Their vegan poutine is also made with Daiya cheddar shreds and mushroom gravy! You really can’t go wrong with anything from their menu, and they’re not afraid to add all of the vegan toppings on your fries if you ask for it. If you’re also looking for something on the lighter side, they have falafel and bowls that are filled with greens, sauces, peanuts, shallots, and more!

 Gramability Saus has pretty decent indoor lighting which is great for fellow bloggers and Instagrammers. If you can secure a spot outside, then my vote goes up! The outdoor lighting is perfect to capture that poutine and those burgers.

 Atmosphere  – I love the decorations & interior, how fast the service is, how casual it is, and how delicious it is at Saus! I will say, if you are dining with small children or a large group, seating can be a bit tricky, as it’s barstool style seating around the establishment, and no actual tables and chairs. Not the end of the world, but something to note!