By Mikaela Rose Alioto

The languid, short-lived summer in New England is wrapping up, and it has been HAWT.  Not so far from our city, New York was recently dubbed a sub-tropical climate according to the National Climate Assessment, revealing to any doubters that the scalding hot temperatures are here to stay. When things are hot and sticky, adding another layer to your face is the last thing you want to do- especially if you’re spending time outside, in and out of the water during these next couple of weeks. For those reasons, my favorite late summer products have to be practical and functional- protect me from the sun, dirt, and sweat- while remaining vegan and cruelty-free.


Chemistry Deodorant – Serene Clean

This new release from Kosas has been a hit of the summer. The AHA’s in the formula naturally inhibit odor while preventing red bumps and ingrown hairs. The roll on applicator and clear formula ensure mess-free, clump-free wear. The deodorant comes in fragrance free as well, however the scent is so light that neither option is likely to offend.

Slow Your Roll 

If you’re anything like me, you keep several kinds of deodorants in rotation, especially for the sweatier season. Alleyoop’s all natural deodorant has become a surprising favorite of mine due to its fragrance (and no fragrance) options and sweat-blocking formula. The powerful ingredients include coconut oil, zinc oxide, and essentials oils to help slow hair growth and provide odor protection. While each natural deodorant can we be hit or miss, this product is seriously impressive.


Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield Glow SPF 50

Colorscience recently came out with two new shades of their trusted facial sunscreen- Glow and Bronze. I’ll say that this pearlescent mineral protector is pretty full coverage, so just throw this in your beach bag and leave your foundation and concealer at home.

Vitamin Sea Serum I Vegan Anti-Aging Face Serum | Non-toxic Skin Care – OSEA® Malibu

No matter how much SPF you wear, sun spots and hyperpigmentation can still pop up, which is why coupling Vitamin C with sunscreen is a must. OSEA’s vegan and cruelty-free Vitamin Sea Serum boasts Ferulic Acid in combination with Vitamin A, C+ E and turmeric for an extra brightening formula. The light texture also makes it a wearable addition to your summer skincare routine.

Black Mint Cleanser • Purifying & Cooling Gel

 My summer sweat-stash has been a permanent fixture in this humid weather, but since it is now hidden under my mask…I’m okay with it. Luckily, I’ve found the most refreshing face wash with peppermint, tea tree, and gentle exfoliators. Use this at least once or twice a day and you’ll avoid mask-related breakouts. It is so cooling and refreshing–you’ll love this vegan find!


The Comb No. 001

If your summer hair isn’t low-maintenance then you are doing it wrong. I like to alternate between a top knot, messy waves, and the dutch braids I taught myself how to do while in quarantine. Admittedly, I am not running a comb through my hair all that often, but I at least want it to look chic on my counter. And while I thought plant-based cellulose is what happens when you eat too much vegan junk food, it actually creates a gorgeous comb that massages your scalp while preventing breakage. These gorgeous crown affair combs are handmade in Switzerland and come in two different shades.

Jasmine Sea Spray – Hair Texture Mist

Is your air-dried hair needing a little je ne sais quoi? French Girl makes a great sea spray to add a little texture for beachy hair. The Vitamin B5 and aloe add moisture, while jasmine adds a light, heavenly scent. C’est parfait!


Refillable Everything Soap – Follain

If you were in need of any more motivation to wash your hands 100 times a day, this Follain soap in a refillable bottle should do the trick. With a choice between lemongrass or lavender scents, this soap can literally be used all over. When you run out, simply bring the bottle to the store for a refill or order online!

Summer may be slowly coming to a close, but it is still just as important to stay safe, wear sunscreen, wash your hands, and for the love of GAGA, wear a mask!

Mikaela Rose Alioto is a recent Northeastern grad with an affinity for all things plant-based! A lifelong animal rights advocate, she was a vegetarian for 13 years before making the switch to veganism two years ago. In her spare time, she enjoys researching cruelty-free beauty products, spending time with her two rescue kitties, and working on her French proficiency. You can follow her and her “Unnecessary pairings” on Instagram at @m.rose.alioto