Content warning: weight loss, diets

By Ben Houston

I’ve been plant-based vegan now for over two years and throughout that time I’ve gone through some major transformations. Before I went vegan, I weighed over 200 pounds, had health issues including indigestion, acne, chronic fatigue and a plethora of other imbalances. Since changing my dietary habits I’ve noticed a lot of health benefits. I’ve slimmed down, feel more vibrant and overall feel healthier than ever before.

But something just wasn’t right.

I’ve been studying holistic health and Traditional Chinese medicine now for a few years and have been incorporating those studies into my life. I work with herbs and tinctures in my spare time but noticed that I wasn’t getting the optimal results that I wanted. After reaching out to some online holistic healers @plantpoweredsoul and @mr_emreerturk, I became enlightened in new ideologies that have changed the course of my life.

Taylor (@plantpoweredsoul) is a plant-based detox specialist and is excellent with his nutritional knowledge. Through his teachings I’ve learned how to rebuild the foundation of my body. This allows for the proper absorption of nutrients and allows the body to heal itself the way it’s meant to.

Did you know? The average person can have up to 15 to 20 pounds of waste sitting in their digestive tract right now!

I’m sure many of you have heard of detoxing. It is a pretty common thing nowadays. For multiple reasons it is essential to detox our digestive tract. According to Traditional Chinese medicine and numerous other studies, chronic constipation and toxic bowels are the root cause of many of the diseases and degenerative conditions that haunt the modern world. Toxic bowels become lined with plaque that seep toxins into the bloodstream. The blood circulates the toxins throughout the body which weakens organs, impairs immunity and causes many degenerative conditions. This is why cleansing the colon is so important!

“Flowing water never stagnates, active hinges never rust” – Dr. Sun Ssu-mo

One of the best ways to detox the colon is fasting. Fasting is consciously abstaining from everything except oxygen. Water fasting is abstaining from everything except, you guessed it, H2O. Emre (@mr_emreerturk) is a fasting coach and is very informed on fasting and its benefits. I’ve learned a lot from his experiences and information. The next best thing for cleansing is going on a juice diet. That is exactly what The Master Cleanse is all about. You drink only a concoction of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days straight (Or more!). The Master Cleanse is a fairly easy diet to follow, I could honestly go on and on about how the cleanse works and the guidelines. If you’re interested, do some research of your own! You won’t regret it.

Detoxing the digestive tract will allow all the great vegan food that you eat to become effectively absorbed! You will reap the true benefits of eating clean and plant-based. This is why I tried the cleanse and I definitely have no regrets.

My experience with The Master Cleanse

10 days without food. It seems crazy, but trust me, after 3 days you won’t even want to eat anymore. 30 percent of our energy goes to digestion. While not eating, that 30 percent can be used for other purposes like maintaining and healing the body! After 10 days of cleansing, my acne is minuscule, my energy is at an all-time high, my stomach feels flatter but actually stronger, my overall complexion is sharper. It even has given me heightened senses! My cravings for sugar and “vegan junk food” are gone and I feel full after eating just a few handfuls of nuts! I would say my run with The Master Cleanse went smoothly and has done wonders for my health strategy. I will continue to eat as clean as possible and rebuild my foundation with the best foods available.

The Master Cleanse may not be for everyone, but I would highly recommend everyone to look into detoxing and cleansing because it can be beneficial for health. It can make being a vegan mean so much more for you and your body, more than just not partaking in animal cruelty. It will help make you feel cleansed!

Stay safe and healthy out there,

-Your friend, Ben

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Ben is from Worcester, Massachusetts and has been vegan, alongside his dad, for over two years! He practices herbalism and meditation, and his main goal is to help others by sharing his experiences and knowledge. For any questions on cleansing, Traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, or just to say hello- you can reach out to Ben on Instagram @benhouston444. Namaste!