VeganZine is a supporter of adopting companion animals in need. If you would like to learn more about the logistics of adoption please reach out to local shelter and animal rescue organizations.

Meet Ginny!


Ginny is a year old pit/lab mix, and she is full of potential and possibilities! She already has a super sweet personality and really loves her people. Naturally, this young girl is full of youthful energy and she will enjoy an active adopter who is excited about training to help her learn to navigate the world. Ginny has a good history with other dogs and has made a few friends during her time at the shelter, though her exuberant approach and rough playstyle make her more of an aquired taste to most dogs.  

MSPCA is currently closed to the general public due to the coronavirus outbreak but are scheduling appointments for adoption. If you are interested in scheduling a time to come in, please call 978 – 687 – 7453 ext 6101. If you would like more information about this animal, you are also welcome to email