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Verbiage from MSPCA

Meet Fredo! At just under two years old, this gentle lad hasn’t had a chance to live what most would consider a normal life. Having come to the MSPCA after living outdoors in St. Thomas with little human interaction, this change has understandably been quite overwhelming for him and he is slowly discovering a whole different world.

Fredo will need a very patient, understanding adopter that lives in a quiet home who will allow him to settle in at his own pace. Fredo will likely always have quirky behaviors that will need to be managed and respected. He will be a flight risk because sudden noises and loud sounds are scary, so careful attention to safety will be needed when outside. Fredo is looking for an adult only home where he would be able to settle in and live his life as the only pet (and the center of his human’s universe).

The staff is committed to finding the best home possible for this gentle pup and will be providing pre and post adoption support to help make this transition successful. If you think your home is right for Fredo, please email us at with a description of your household and what you’re looking for in a pet.