When the pandemic first hit us like a meteor, I was consumed by it. For weeks I was sleepless, stressed, in a constant state of anxiety over the what ifs. I combed the internet for glimpses of hope and checked the numbers of infected 2-3 times a day. My husband and I had nightly “meetings” after the kids went down where we talked about emergency preparedness, the worst case scenarios, and our family’s safety. During the day, I sleepwalked through the motions of parenting while being constantly distracted by the looming threat. Any slight tickle in my throat was the virus and if I heard a child cough my stomach knotted with dread. I lost my motivation to create and questioned the point of moving forwards on any level other than survival.

Here we are 10 weeks or so into this thing and that seems a lifetime ago. I have become complacent and succumbed to this state of limbo that we are all living in. I stopped combing the news weeks ago, stopped checking the numbers and even stopped looking at Facebook. I am sick of all the headlines. I am sick of watching this helpless and scared. Instead I have chosen to hunker down, batten my family’s hatches and move forward with our lives. There are times when I can forget about the virus. We are safe, we are home and even though I miss our old lives there are parts of this new one that I enjoy. Although the present is vastly different than the past, I like the direction we are moving to make ourselves more self sufficient and more like a homestead, like the olden days where the most important things in one’s life was at home. Family, nature, working with our hands, and spirituality are moving to the forefront of our lives again.

My belief is we will emerge from the quarantine chrysalis as a society transformed by this invisible enemy that has threatened all of humankind. My hope is that through being at home, people have found themselves and what is truly valuable in this life.  Today I am grateful that the spirit of humankind is incredibly resilient and our ability to adapt is as enterprising as a deadly virus.  I cannot wait for the day where I can dole out hugs to my fellow humans, but in the meantime, I send pasta which is the ultimate comforting food embrace.

Lemon and Cashew Cream Veggie Pasta Recipe

Prep: 15 mins

Cook: 15 mins

Yield: 3-5

Ingredients: 1 cup cashews,1/4 cup lemon juice, 4 cloves garlic, 3 cups mixed vegetables ( I used asparagus, zucchini, baby bell peppers and 6 cherry tomatoes all cut in varied shapes), 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 Tbsp tapioca or cornstarch, salt and pepper to taste. Optional crushed red peppers

How to:

  1. Start by boiling your cashews for 10 minutes to soften them. Drain them then add to a high speed blender with 1.5 cups water and a pinch of salt and blend until smooth
  2. Meanwhile,  sauté 4 cloves chopped garlic in olive oil until golden then add your mixed chopped veggies and season with salt and pepper. Cook until fork tender
  3. Add your cashew cream that you have blended to veggies and bring to a quick boil
  4. Make a slurry by mixing the tapioca flour and 1 cup cold water and add to the pan and stir constantly until sauce is thick and creamy.
  5. Last add the lemon juice and stir well to distribute then mix cooked pasta in and taste for salt and pepper.
  6. Garnish with crushed red pepper flakes and vegan parmesan.

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