Cafe Landwer

Cafe Landwer is an international chain restaurant founded in Berlin in 1919 and they have 2 Boston locations, one on Beacon Street near the St. Mary’s T stop and one in Cleveland Circle. They roast their own coffee and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner along. Their menu is well-labeled, extremely vegan friendly, and has options for everyone.

Please note that Cafe Landwer is only offering takeout or delivery at this time, please visit their website for up-to-date information. There, you can also find information on their Meal Donation opportunities and Landwer Grocery options.

Erica’s Review:

Taste – Cafe Landwer brings a variety of authentic food and flavors to the table. From homemade spaghetti & beet “meatballs”, to shawarma with soy strips, to Rozalach filled with cookie butter (the dessert I always crave), Landwer always leaves me satisfied and full! The food is always fresh and it’s such a nice change of pace going to an Israeli restaurant and trying new dishes. They also make a vegan omelette with chickpea and it’s fantastic & flavorful!

 Gramability – You can always count on Cafe Landwer to have bright lighting as well as natural light if you’re lucky enough to be close to the windows! The interior is vibrant, happy, and very “insta worthy!”

 Atmosphere – Cafe Landwer is really great because it can be a date spot, a family spot, a friend spot, or a study with a coffee spot! It’s appropriate for really any occasion, but is certainly not too fancy either. It’s a casual setting, family-friendly, and also has some bar stool-style seating near the windows. They have an open cafe area where you can watch their talented baristas whip together some unique drinks!

Rozalach with Cookie Butter

Shakshuka with Vegan Meatballs

Kayla’s Review:

Taste – There are not many restaurants where I can say that I have tried every vegan option on the menu, but I have literally tried every vegan menu item on Cafe Landwer’s menu! When I first started going to Cafe Landwer, about two years ago, I only remember them having two entree options; vegan stir fry and vegan shawarma. The shawarma is what hooked me! You get a giant serving of fresh focaccia topped with shawarma style veggie beef, chickpeas, onions, and drizzled with tahini- it’s one of the few meals I’ve had as a vegan where they bring me a steak knife!  Now, they have added a burger, pasta and house-made meatballs, and a few other items that are all delicious. The first time you go for breakfast, I definitely recommend going all out for the full Vegan Breakfast so you can have a little bite of everything. If you want a lighter option, try their Mediterranean Energy shake or my go-to meal of a soy cappuccino and side of a chickpea omelette. The omelette is fluffy, filled with veggies, and really well priced. And last but certainly not least, make sure, no matter what time of day it is, that you get an order of the Lotus Rozalach! Fresh made pastry filled with Lotus cookie butter and covered with powdered sugar…easily my favorite dessert in Boston.

 Gramability Cafe Landwer has some very photo worthy decor and dishes. Everything there feels familiar and comforting but with an elevated twist. Be sure to take advantage of daylight. or be prepared to use a flash, because the restaurant is on the dim side at night. Luckily there is plenty of natural light during daylight hours so you can capture the food and the cute decor.

 Atmosphere  –  One of the cool things about Landwer is that the atmosphere is flexible. I know it’s weird to say, but they’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week. So if you go in for a coffee on Tuesday morning and sit at a table looking out onto Beacon street and people watch or get some work done. If you’re there on a Saturday morning it will be packed full for the brunch crowd. On a Friday night, it’s a great place to get a little dressed up and have a nice meal. Definitely recommend getting a table on the patio, in the warmer months.

Focaccia Bianca 

Roasted Eggplant in Tahini