VeganZine was founded by Erica Korff and Kayla Kaplan in early 2020.

Our goal is to be New England’s unifying resource helping you Live the Local Vegan Life!
Find events, activism opportunities, local news, community created content, and support vegan-friendly creators, makers, and brands.

vegan (vee·gn) – a person who is ethically opposed to eating animals, animal secretions, or using animals for products

zine (zeen) – a publication filled with passion and used to share ideas, thoughts, & stories



Erica is the founder of @vegan_kween and has been vegan since October of 2016. She has made it her mission to break the stereotype that eating & living vegan is difficult to do. Always being a bit of a foodie, Erica quickly adapted to a vegan diet by finding substitutes and goodies that were too delicious and colorful to not share on Instagram and her website. Her passion is helping people find their next meal, and helping promote plant-based products and restaurants around Boston and beyond. Now, with VeganZine, Erica has partnered with Kayla to bring the veg Boston community together by sharing reviews, recommendations, spotlights, and more. Keep an eye out for Erica, as you may see her around the city tackling her next Impossible Burger or checking out a nearby cafe with vegan donuts. Along with having this passion, Erica enjoys reading, going out dancing, traveling, and spending time with friends & family. Fun fact: her little niece and nephew are vegan as well!



Food is Kayla’s passion, and what she spends most of her time thinking about. Kayla recently from Tufts University with a Master’s of Science in Food & Nutrition Policy & Programs with a focus on Nutrition Innovation & Communication. Her background is in Human Biology and before graduate school she worked in research on the domestic Emergency Food System. Kayla has been vegan for about 6 years and founded her personal brand, Veggie Kayla to showcase her vegan lifestyle and all of the delicious plant-based food she eats. Through Veggie Kayla, she founded a newsletter to organize information about Boston’s vegan community; focusing on events, opportunities, and promoting small businesses. This newsletter naturally transitioned into the idea for the VeganZine and presented an opportunity to partner with Boston’s Vegan Kween, Erica. Kayla is so excited to be part of Boston’s growing vegan scene and continue to explore the very best local, vegan opportunities! Follow Kayla for informative captions and lots of cute photos of her rescue pup, Ginny!


Community Manager

Elisabeth has always been certain of two things: her love for animals, and her love for the Earth. Starting as a vegetarian in middle school, veganism was always something she strived for and eventually met in June of 2016. With an affinity for truth and community, Elisabeth transferred to UMass Amherst as a journalism major hoping to gain skills that could help her change the world. She eventually pieced together that what drives her- veganism, animal rights, and environmental rights- could be coupled with what she was learning at school and reached out to Erica and Kayla for an opportunity to intern with VeganZine. Although new to the Boston vegan scene, Elisabeth looks forward to trying each vegan dish she can get her hands on! Alongside veganism, which she believes is intersectional, Elisabeth has a passion for wellness, astrology, and spirituality. She lives and breathes by the phrase, “Live Kind.” Follow her on Instagram @littlespinachh for some extra vegan earthy content and endless pictures of her pup, Dewey!