By Elisabeth Morgan 

Over the span of the last few months and especially during quarantine, TikTok has become my favorite app to ever exist.

I remember when Vine first became popular, in fact it really doesn’t seem like that long ago. I was a freshman in high school and social media was still so new to me, and for that reason it was all the more fun. My friends and I spent hours laughing at creators like Casey Frey and Nick Colletti, who I personally think have comedically inspired my whole generation.

Now, Vine is just a nostalgic memory and TikTok has risen to take its place- and I have to argue that it’s risen to the occasion, even more so. TikTok videos can be up to a minute long which allows more room for material. On top of that, TikTok has a variety of tools you can use to edit the videos you make, which gives creators artistic flexibility. I mean, I’ve seen videos that look like they were professional short films because they were edited so beautifully. 

Just like every social media app, communities pop up and like-minded people get to share with each other their creations. And once again, I am amazed by the worldwide vegan community! Vegan TikTokers are my favorite creators to watch, each with their own personality and ways of cooking; you could never get bored watching them and there’s always something new to learn. So, if you’re stuck at home during this pandemic and are looking for some great content and new recipes, down below are my favorite vegan TikTokers!

TikTok: iamtabithabrown

Instagram: iamtabithabrown

Coming in at number one, at least for me, is Tabitha Brown! Tabitha has just recently hit 1 million followers on TikTok and has a pretty big follower base on Instagram as well. This vegan foodie/influencer, actress, prideful mother and dedicated wife has completely lit up the TikTok world with her calming voice and wholesome catch phrases such as, “that’s your business!” 

On Tabitha’s TikTok you can find a wide range of different recipes that are easy to follow, and she’ll walk you through them in a way that’ll surely leave you feeling uplifted. 

In addition to her vegan recipes, Tabitha also posts life advice videos for her followers that leave a motherly impression, warm and grateful.

TikTok: kate.ate


Kate is the first vegan TikToker I came across on the app, and I immediately followed her and looked through all her content because it’s that good. Witty and a bit sarcastic, Kate walks you through her vegan recipes that often consist of ingredients she has laying around her kitchen or that she’s trying to use up before they go bad. She makes a lot of Korean recipes, which is new to me and so fun! As she’s said in a few of her videos, Kate loves her local Korean food market. 

She has taught me many little tricks for cooking, and always leaves me laughing and wanting to try new ingredients I’ve never heard of. Kate also lets you know where she gets her spices and food, and on top of that gives you substitutes if you don’t have exactly what she has.

TikTok: angiequibrera

Instagram: angiequibrera

Out of all the vegan recipes I see on TikTok, I’ve actually made Angie’s recipes the most. They’re so easy and convenient, like her vegan homemade ranch recipe I tried the other day!

Besides recipe videos, Angie also makes funny and relatable vegan content, for instance, jokes about how often we get asked about protein, or the whole, “plants have feelings too” line. She has also made videos with tips for going vegan!

You can easily identify Angie because she’s usually wearing her cow costume when she films her videos, which is just a special extra vegan touch.

Elisabeth is a 21-year-old journalism major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is VeganZine’s upcoming summer intern! Veganism is her passion! When she’s not cooking, deciding which restaurant to eat at, or thinking about what kind of food she wants to eat next, you can find Elisabeth hiking with her pup Dewey, laughing with her best friend Sophia, listening to true-crime podcasts, studying astrology (she’s a Taurus, so she’ll be turning 22 soon!), reading, or watching a great show or film. You can follow her on Instagram: @elisabethmorgan to see more vegan-related content, or if you’re looking for another supportive vegan friend!